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9 Jul Blue Diamond Jingle

4 May Blue Diamond sponsors Kialumingo

15 Jan Sardines 125g flat cans available in Cameroon,

10 Jan Search for recipes on the Blue Diamond website.

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Quality, Trust and Value

Blue Diamond is an affordable, quality product catering for all of our customers in West Africa. Relationships with key world class suppliers throughout the globe ensure a regular supply of high quality produce. All factories are approved for export to Europe and the USA and stringent quality control measures ensure that Blue Diamond is a brand that you can trust.


Keeping you healthy

All Blue Diamond products are low in fat and high in protein and provide you and your family with essential nutrients in a convenient way. Our tuna, sardines and mackerel are packed with Omega 3 essential fatty acids which provide a wide range of health benefits for your heart, brain, joints and immune system.   

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